A little about me...

Passions: My two awesome kiddos, my hubby, travel, photography

Current Obsession: Podcasts

Fav Smell: My shed in the spring... something like warm dirt & lilacs.

Night Out: ChoLon Bistro... oh, how I love you Soup Dumplings. And a movie.

Magazine: Conde Nast Traveler

Book that Made Me Think Differently: You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero

Movie: Meru (or really any nail-biting climbing documentary)

TV: Anything that has creatives competing with other creatives to push each other to greatness... Top Chef, Making the Cut, Face Off, Ink Master 

Inspired By: Beauty & Color

Three Words to Describe Me: Fun, Hard-working, Honest

Can't Live Without: Books, Creating, Chefy Food, and Inspiration

Interesting Fact: I was born in Australia, attended elementary school in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Mississippi, and then went to high school in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After that, I wandered a bit, living in North Carolina, Nebraska, Australia, Ireland, and then landed in Boulder, Colorado to get my degree from CU-Boulder. And even though we've made Colorado our home, the adventuring keeps on going!

For Fun: Um, I have two kids and run a very busy photography business. So that's where the days go!

Money: Every dime goes to photo geek stuff and travel. And now, the new studio!

Who I Am: I'm an "in the moment" kind of gal. When I'm doing a session, or having fun with my kids, or eating dinner with a friend I want to be in that moment with them. As much as I enjoy my social media community, you definitely won't see me checking my phone every second of the day.

Jennifer Evans in new studio

Hello, I'm Jen

Loving People + Loving the Creative Process = Great Pics

Top Wedding Photographer in the west 2006-2016 (when we officially retired from weddings), The Knot & Weddings.com

Top 100 Kids Photographer & International Ambassador, 2020 Napcp

Best Photographer in Colorado, 2018-2020 Google

Won Best of Photography Category: Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, & Brighton, present

Writer for Design Aglow 2017-2019

Published In: The Knot, Colorado Weddings, Brides, The Bump, Click, Rangefinder, Inspired

a little history...

We started as Candy Apple Photography over a decade ago. And we flourished. We traveled the world photographing weddings, won several awards, got published in almost every bridal magazine. It was amazing and wonderful. And then it got to the point where I had more work than I could handle and I was feeling a bit worn out, so I decided to re-brand to Eden Blue Photography and re-focus my energy on doing the work that really excites me. Eden Blue Photography is a personal journey for me and my clients. At its core, Eden Blue is about capturing the beauty of the evolving stages of my clients' lives.

Jennifer Evans on land where Eden Blue Photography studio is built
Jennifer Evans in Mexico on beach
mountain range with Jennifer Evans